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Travel Writing Essentials: An Experiential Workshop & Trip to Ubin;

Sept 03, 10; Singapore Book Council 

Love travelling? Why not also write/ post about it?

But in the age of Instagram and Tripadvisor, what can a travel writer write about and how?


In such a context, my WORKSHOP equips  participants with an understanding of the following:

  • Essentials skills for Good Travel Writing (Print or Digital)

  • Basics of photography and video for travel writing

  • Making most of social media: Blogs, Instagram, Youtube

  • How to get published?

  • Paying the bills and more from travel writing

  • Ethics of travel writing

  • Creating, sustaining and extending your brand as a travel writer 

The workshop is suited for beginner and occasional travel writers (12 years and above). It is administered through a lecture, several exercises and group discussions. Recommendations for background reference materials are provided. The sessions can be from 3 hrs to 8 hours spread over 2 days.

My past workshops on Travel Writing:



  • Singapore Book Council

  • H&M


  • Singapore Book Council 


  • National Library (Singapore)


  • Singapore Book Council 

  • Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, Iran

  • University Nabi Akram, Tabriz, Iran



  • Singapore Book Council

  • Hyderabad Literary Festival, India

  • Japan Writers Conference, Otaru, Japan

  • Makassar Int. Writers Festival, Indonesia



  • Singapore Writers Festival: Classroom lecture on 'Travel Writing in the age of Instagram'

  • ASEAN Literary Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia



Very practical tips and advice. Good pace. Excellent trainer

I would recommend this course to other travel writers wannabe

You have changed the way I travel :-)  

I benefited from many things- knowledge with regards to travel writing. This course makes me fall in love with Travel writing.


A very wonderful and dedicated instructor who really makes you passionate about the things you want to learn about. Even the course is over, he still sets us work to do, to practice
our skills.

Excellent instructor. Very very willing to share. Care to ask whether we have questions and answered to every queries with love and patience

The session was informative and enlightening. Didn’t know travel writing can be so challenging and yet exciting. I was expecting a lecture with some tips on writing, but I’ve definitely learned more than that!

Very good sharing of the travel writing tips and the list of books relating to travel writing. Enthusiastic presenter. Thank you.

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